Steam appliances

Ironing boards, steam cleaning machines and accessories for ironing

MB offers a wide range of steam appliances, able to meet different market needs, from those of private individuals to small companies.

Among the Modenese company's products you can find: household irons and professional appliances, ironing boards with heated tops, ironing stations with steam boards, steam guns for clothes and accessories for steam cleaning.

The company's over thirty-year experience has given MB the chance to offer branded products to the Italian market. Such products are the result of ongoing technical studies, in order to bring quality steam equipment designed to facilitate ironing of any fabric, every day.

Ironing boards with heated top


The company offers a range of ironing stations with a heated top, thermo-suction, blowing and steam extraction systems, ideal for professional use in laundries, clothing stores, packaging, hotels, tailor shops. They are also perfect for those who love perfect ironing every day, in their own home.
These ironing boards allow you to save time and reduce energy consumption, guaranteeing speedy ironing, perfect for all types of fabric and able to manage even the most difficult garments.
The top is heated and its surface has suction and blowing with differentiated zones controlled by a mobile pedal; its adjustable height ensures maximum comfort in every situation. This equipment is dissimilar to traditional household ironing boards thanks to its advanced features, unique in both domestic and professional fields.

Steam for home cleaning


Among MB accessories there is a collection dedicated to the use of steam for home cleaning and to sterilise any environment.
Steam is not merely an ally for removing creases in difficult ironing, but thanks to its high temperatures it can also destroy germs and bacteria giving a thorough cleansing to any surface; Moreover steam treatments allow you to sterilise floors and fabrics without using detergents, meaning saving money without polluting the environment.
The saturated high-temperature steam jet, generally between 135 and 150° can dissolve any kind of dirt and grime, eliminating any trace of mould, mites and bacteria, while degreasing in depth, giving shine and splendour.
It also allows you to clean tiles, flooring joints, bathrooms, steel tops, ovens, windows and mirrors, but also fabrics and curtains, window frames and shutters; find out more about the differents areas of application, rely on MB's staff.



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