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Professional irons with boiler

MB of Modena, is a company specialising in the manufacture, sale and export of professional irons with separate boiler and ironing boards with suction and heating; a winning combination to allow faster ironing and help improve the quality of the finished product, a marvellous help for both domestic and professional ironing.


MB has been on the market for over 30 years and distributes its products in Italy and worldwide, thanks to its Made in Italy, robust and excellent quality product.


professional ironing boilers


Our professional stainless steel ironing boilers range from a 1 to 4-litre capacity and come with the possibility to adjust the professional steam into four different types, allowing a fast and perfect ironing.
MB also produces a 14-litre automatic professional boiler for domestic and professional use, made of high-quality components, able to withstand use and long-lasting.
Using professional ironing boilers has numerous advantages over conventional irons:

• better iron handling because it is lighter and easier to use without water, so no strain on the arm when using;
• high autonomy of ironing;
• constant and continuous steam;
• increased pressure that allows you to iron even the most stubborn creases more easily.


Supplier of irons with boilers for launderettes and ironing services


MB produces irons with boilers, ironing tables with suction, blowing and steaming, studied in detail to offer advanced ergonomic solutions and ensure high-performance, flawless results. Our production is dedicated to ironing, laundrettes and packaging companies.

The high-capacity boilers used in the ironing stations for professional use gives greater ironing speed and excellent quality results on the ironed garments. In addition, the control systems ensure that the internal pressure does not exceed safety limits; the immersion heating element can heat water rapidly, eliminating long waits, thanks to minimal heat loss.

Every MB brand iron is equipped with a safety thermostat to prevent overheating in case of control thermostat failure; moreover, they may be used on any type of fabric at a single temperature.

Do not hesitate: request any further information; we prepare custom quotes based on the needs of each specific activity of ironing.


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